R161  General Session One TuesR163 General session one 2pm TuesdayR164 posed booth photos and new officersR165 candids and collegiateR166 concert tues nightR167 Wednesday AM On stageR168 Wed AM onstageR169 Speaking Awards BackstageR170wed afternoonR171 wed afternoon on stage awards and actionR172 wed backstage science fair and chapterR173 prof awards star awards lonestar area 4R174 lonestar area 5R175 lonestar area 6R176 lonestar4 area 7R177 lonestar area 8R178 lonestar area 9R179 lonestar area 10R180 lonestar area 1R181 lonestar area 2R182 lonestar area 3R183candids of lonestar winnersR184 star awards and proficiency backstageR185 stage prof awards star awardsR186 thurs am vip breakfast and session 5  walrathR187 thurs  session 6  sa scholar ford ft worth etcR188 Thurs am sess 5 wallrath and farm credit scholarsR190 talent-R191 talent camera 2R192 Fri morning session un numberedR193 FridayR194 New Officers