Barker Photography | 2011 Colorado

4x5sK370 beef and goat showmanshipK371 beef candidsK372 beef posedK373  mkt goat show candidsK374 posed goats str champsK375 sr hog showman fri nite . beef governor showamanK376 champ drive goats and beefK377 hog action champs after driveK378 posed swineK379 youth poultry and mkt rabbitK380 posed lambs and walk in rabbit-goat etcK381 lamb candidsK382 open -jr. rabbit awards-open poultry awardsK383 wrangle show & jr breed beefK384 Jr heifer candids- posed jr breed sheepK385 auction action shots arenaK386 2 lambs tues mornK387 pose auction at backdropK388 open breed beef female and breeding sheepK389 boer goat show AK390 boers show b-lowline-zebu-dairyK391 dairy candidsK392 breeding sheep and open bull showK393 cashmere candidsk395 dairy cattle open-jr dairy goats A-B-jr