Barker Photography | 2011 Ft Bend

K450 rabbitsK451 directors,parade recept-queensK452 turkeys and commercial heifersK453 4h awards all dept-goat candids-fun day actionK455 goats posedK456 broilers posed-candid-comm heif auctionK457 youth-teea-creative arts awards-comm heif auction recept-al sulakK459 talent show camera 1-sat grand entry-concerts-grapes-meet-greetK460 posed steersK461 steer candidsK463 hogs posedK464 hog candidsK465 tejano band grupo vida and texas stage  sundayK466 art auction and tejano bands-auction receptionK467 ag mech- roasters and ranch rodeoK468-agmech awards-barrels tues-scramble show action-invite ropingK469 posed lambsK470lamb candidsK471 posed scramble and invitational roping presentationsK473 auctionK474 rodeo slack thurs-concerts seth candan-brandon ryder-rich otooleK475 bucket calf-clf scramble frid w sponsorK476 rodeo fri-muttonbusin-scramble action concertsK477 sat pets,stick horses-kid tractor and bbq winnersK478 freezer recpt-auction-concerts-scramble action and posedK479 sat livestock judging-tcca heifers-mutton bustin-scramblaction-concertK479fixed livestock judging-tcca heifers-mutton bustin-scramblaction-concertK480 sunday bull bash-mutton bustin-johnny rodriquez