Barker Photography | 2011 Williamson

K542 rabbit candidsK543 rabbits posedK543 rabbits posed 8X10 W SIGNK544 poultry candidsK545 poultry posedK545 poultry posed 8X10 W SIGNK546 hogs posedK546 hogs posed 8X10 W SIGNK547 hog candidsK548 hog candids crosses onlyK549 goats posedK549 goats posed 8X10 W SIGNK550 candid goatsK551 class 19 goats and driveK552 posed lambsK552 posed lambs 8X10 W SIGNK553 lamb candids,showman posed,southd  r champK554 strs and heifers posedK555 heifer and steers candidsK556 SALE